Becoming Free from Defects

"To make their will perfect, they developed their knowledge as possible. Developing knowledge is scrutinizing the nature of things. When knowledge reached the highest level, the will became perfect.  When the will  is perfect, the movements of the heart are set. When the movements of the heart are regulated, man is free from defects. Having corrected himself, he established order in his family. When there is order in the family, the kingdom is well governed. If the kingdom is well governed, the whole empire soon enjoy peace."
~ Confucius

Becoming Free from Defects

This paragraph is the continuing discussion about how to become a successful king, and what are the qualifications of effective leaders. A leader must have a perfect will in order to control the movements of the heart. Regulating the heart movement can achieve the state of free from defects.

When Confucius emphasizes that the perfect will depends on the knowledge, he affirms that the knowledge must from scrutinizing the nature of things. This means that knowledge is not obtained studies of books but from the field practice. It roughly meas practice makes perfect.

As elaborated by Xavier S├ęguin at Eden Saga, these valuable advices reflect a perspective radically different from ours. While the western leaders seek to reform  first the laws and behaviors of the people, according to Confucius, leaders must first correct themselves before claiming to lead.