Becoming a Successful King

"The ancient kings, to shine the natural virtues in the hearts of all men, at first should govern well in their kingdom. To govern well in their kingdom, they have to put the good order in their family. To put the good order in their family, they should work to improve themselves. To improve themselves, they have first to settle the movements of their heart. To adjust the movements of their heart, they have to make perfect their will."
 ~ Confucius

Becoming a Successful King

Being a king does not mean to inherit the throne from the monarchy. To do the king's job is similar to taking the leadership role in many positions. You could be the boss, the manager, the CEO, the supervisor, the parent, or just taking the lead. It is all about the leadership.

Confucius gives the step-by-step procedure to cultivating the leadership competency. The key to king-level leadership is to keep your family in order and constantly improve yourself. Another interesting point is to adjust the movements of the heart. What is the movement of the heart? One of the concerns of the movement is indecision. When there are so many options and choices, a leader may be afraid of making the right decisions. We face the dame challenge in daily life, - in choosing schools, jobs, friends, husband and wife, and more. How to overcome this dilemma? Confucius' answer is to perfect your will.

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