Mongoose and Baby

One day a farmer and his wife were blessed with a son. They decided to get a mongoose as a companion for him. A few months later, the couple had to go out, leaving their son at home. While the wife was worried about leaving the baby alone, the farmer assured her that the mongoose would look after him while they were away.

The farmer’s wife returned earlier than her husband and found that the mongoose’s mouth was stained with blood. She immediately accused the animal of killing her child, and in a fit of rage threw a heavy box at the mongoose. She then rushed in to check on her son, but what she found was a dead snake lying in the room while her baby was safe and sound. Seeing this, the farmer’s wife realised that the mongoose had actually saved her son’s life. Realising her mistake, she went out to see if the animal was all right, but it was too late and the mongoose had breathed its last. She was absolutely heartbroken and reproached herself for her actions.

This is another Panchatantra tale, and the story is often told to children to teach them how acting in haste can have dire consequences.

~ Indian Folk Tale