His Name is Stock Market

One day, a beggar came to the market. Some people gave him small money, but most of them didn’t. He asked givers to leave address and promised he will come to their homes to pay back the money. No one believed his promise, but still gave the address because he insisted.

After a few hours, a Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of him, he went to the car and went door-to-door to pay back the money, and it was ten times more. If one gave him one dollar, he returned him ten dollars. If one gave him five dollars, he paid back fifty. The people in the market were shocked.

The next day, the beggar came again. People in the market rushed to give him money. Almost all people gave him more than 100 dollars. People also gave him their address, even though he didn’t ask for. Some people also wrote their addresses on the money bill.

In less than an hour,  the beggar got eighty thousand dollars. Later, I left, not giving anyone money back. People in the market felt uneasy and started to ask around who is this beggar and what is his name. One man mumbled, “I think he said his name is Stock Market.”

~ Chinese Business Joke

Original Text:

有一天,菜市场上多了一个乞丐,有的人给他点钱,但大多数人还是没给,他把给他钱的人的住址都记了下来,结果过了几个小时,一辆宾利停他面前,他上了车挨家挨户地还钱,而且是十倍的还,给他一块的他还十块,给他五块他还五十,市场的人都惊呆了。 第二天,他又来了,满市场的人都给他钱,几乎都是一百的,钱的背面都写着住址,不到一个小时,那乞丐能拿到七八万,后来那乞丐自己走了,没给任何人钱。这个乞丐的名字叫“股市”!