Asian wisdom reflects 5,000+ years of civilization, from which these Asian people survived for such a long, long time, and they haven't changed much, in terms of their culture, language, food, appearance, customs, the way of thinking, and the way of living. Such a consistency is a big surprise, and very awesome. As any sorts of culture, Asian culture is a culture of survival. People from generation to generation struggle to survive and multiply through hardships of natural disasters and deadly conflicts with other people. Along the history, Asian people accumulated precious experience, knowledge, thoughts, and wisdom to guide future generations towards growth and prosperity. Asian wisdom works, - that explains why there are the most people in Asia and from Asia, - they are growing and prospering.

There are a lot to learn from Asian wisdom. Many of the ancient thoughts, philosophies, moral guidelines, and life lessons are still amazingly relevant and pragmatic to modern life not only for individuals but also for corporate entities such as businesses, organizations, communities, governments, and nations. Acquiring such wisdom will definitely empower your mind and gain the competitive edge to deal with conflicts, competitions, and chaos in business, workplace, families, and relationships. Fortunately, although much of the wisdom got lost in time, there are still volumes of books and scriptures left for us to learn and ruminate today. The only problem is, who has the luxury of time to read these long and foreign books in archaic words, incomprehensive styles, and poor translations?

AsainWisdom.com - Ancient Brains and Modern Sights in a Few Words 

While one could be fulfilled by scrutinizing the whole set of Buddhist scriptures to obtain a few pieces of wisdom thoughts, for most of us, we always have competing priorities in daily life rather than devoting to Asian thoughts, philosophies, and religions. Most importantly, the same marketing question always applies, - what’s in it for me? This is to say, does the knowledge make me smarter, stronger, healthier, and happier, how such wisdom can help me achieve goals, be successful,and get what I want, and is there practical guidance to fixing my problems, such as mental issues, physical illness, jobs, relationships, and money challenges.

Here’s what the Asian Wisdom blog will do, - to share with you a piece of brief, precise, and practical wisdom to address the real life challenges in our modern society. In the posts, you may see a crisp quote, a brief summary of thought, a foreign idea, an ancient joke, a modern humor, a strange fable, and more, which all make sense to our modern life. This blog is not a quote site, - we don’t just throw in 100s Buddha quotes from the scripture. In fact, we embrace a lot of modern thoughts that are rooted from the ancient Asian wisdom. We are interested to see how ancient wisdom is bridged to contemporary ideas applied by people in China today in the fast-changing environment.

We hope each post from AsainWisdom.com will bring you a useful and pragmatic idea or concept that you can use easily to improve your life. If it is not so, at least you may enjoy the Asian beauty on the page. Within each post, we insert a image of a beautiful Asian woman, which is not really related to the wisdom idea but just for you to enjoy. Research shows that observing beautiful woman may help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, reverse depression, and restore confidence, and this should work for both men and women. Hope that helps, but you have to tell me whether or not it works.

As the tagline said, - Ancient Brains and Modern Sights in a Few Words, we only give you a few words in each post to convey the wisdom, so that you don’t spend a long time to read in order to get the idea. All you need is to get the concept, remember it, think about how it makes sense to your daily life, and give it a try when there is an opportunity. Anyway, we are not here to educate you, but to inform you with some useful ideas, thus we keep it really short, as short as a lady’s skirt that you want to be, - you get the idea. Now enjoy the beauty.

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